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CBD and Sex: Can CBD Oil Enhance Your Sex Life?

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How can CBD oil play a role in your sex life? CBD products in several forms may help enhance your experience with intimacy. Both men and women can experiment with CBD in the bedroom. For CBD and mood stabilization users, the same formula might be able to provide a clearer headspace when spending time together between the sheets. Additionally, CBD has been cited in studies for its anti-inflammatory capabilities, which may provide relief to those seeking to treat sexual discomfort or other physical pain. And, if you enjoy enhancements, consider using products as CBD sex drive tools to try to increase your sexual arousal and overall pleasure – think lubricants and topicals to which you may already be accustomed, with the added benefits of cannabidiol infusions.

If you are thinking about using pure CBD products to upgrade your most intimate experiences, review the sections below, which include a first-hand testimonial, along with important information and creative inspiration.

CBD Products to Consider for Intimacy

CBD hemp oil is a versatile product and can be infused into different cannabidiol formats. If you currently ingest a CBD tincture, you may not be aware of hemp oil-based topicals. And, if you treat physical ailments with CBD creams and lotions, you may not know about the benefits of CBD oils you can also take orally. Nonetheless, if you want to explore the best CBD for intimacy purposes, consider:

  • CBD tinctures. A pure CBD oil tincture may help you relax if you are facing mental barriers when it comes to sex. Good-quality hemp oil may work as a CBD mood stabilizer, so you can make the most out of one-on-one time with your partner.

  • Hemp lotions and topical oils. Whether you enjoy giving or receiving massages, consider using hemp lotion or a CBD oil topical. CBD topicals may also alleviate discomfort. And, when it comes to CBD oil and sex for men seeking solutions, it can act as a vasodilator, which, when applied to a man’s genitals, can open the blood vessels and promote increased blood flow to relieve erectile dysfunction (ED).

  • CBD bath bombs. Spending 30 minutes in a bathtub filled with CBD – you can use CBD oils, bath bombs and hemp-based bath salts – is a great way to evoke full-body CBD relaxation for one or both partners, and may work as a pain-relieving component for physical ailments.

  • Hemp oil-based lubricants. Both men and women can use CBD sex lubes, which may ease sexual discomfort and make for a more pleasurable experience.

Tip: For those interested in trying out CBD sex lubricants, an organic coconut oil base is safe for topicals meant for the lower regions of your body. However, make sure to learn whether or not the ingredients in a CBD lubricant will affect your contraception.

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CBD Oil Lubricants and Women’s Health

Sexually active consumers of all walks are turning to cannabidiol CBD products for sexual enhancement. As we know, our bodies were not all created equally, and we all endure different health-related issues. Some women, like 24-year-old student Savannah Rice, are genetically predisposed to symptoms of endometriosis, a painful disorder that occurs when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus.

Rice was diagnosed at 18, and has since taken steps, including the incorporation of CBD oil, to keep her symptoms under control. However, once she became sexually active, she had a new issue to address: sexual discomfort. “The pain had gotten to the point where I felt like I needed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol just to be able to tolerate sex,” says Rice. “Not being able to have sex really negatively impacted my relationship with my partner.” As time went on, Rice says her body started to physically reject sex, because it was associated with pain, and just the thought put her in fight-or-flight mode. “I couldn’t get turned on – even if I wanted to. In a way, I became extremely asexual, which was far from the norm of who I really am,” Rice admits.

Thanks to her interest in holistic health, Rice was open to trying out a CBD oil-based lubricant. This idea was first introduced by her mother. “It seemed like a really healthy alternative that could help me regain the mind-body connection I had previously lost,” she says. “CBD gave me the opportunity to feel grounded and empowered in my body again. I found that not only was the pain relieved, but it actually led to a more satisfying experience, overall.” Along with easing her safely back into sex, using a cannabidiol lubricant was a reminder to Rice that sex “feels good.” She attributes her newfound healthy relationship with sex and her ability to become aroused more naturally to her CBD hemp oil discovery. “Another really important takeaway from my experience with CBD is that it allowed me to stop relying on pharmaceutical pain pills and alcohol to fulfill a false sense of pleasure.”

In addition to utilizing CBD while sexually active, Rice also consumes herbal CBD tea daily, along with CBD tinctures during stressful times. Click here to learn more about different ways you can consume CBD.

Reasons to Try CBD Products for Intimacy

Hemp oil tinctures, lubricants and other topicals are plant-based, and the best CBD oil-derived products contain simple, organic ingredients. In addition, there are three varietals of CBD extract: full-spectrum hemp oil, broad-spectrum and isolate, with the latter two options offering no traces of THC, in case you are opposed to ingesting even a tiny percentage – be it for personal or professional purposes. The CBD benefits are numerous, and more and more CBD studies are conducted daily. Not sure if CBD hemp oil is right for your sex life? Consider the following questions:

  • Do you ingest prescription drugs to cope with pain during sex?

  • Do you drink alcohol to mentally prepare for sex?

  • Are you experiencing physical difficulties during intercourse with your partner?

  • Are you seeking to enhance your sexual experiences?

  • Do you struggle with ED?

  • Do you find it difficult to become aroused (as a male or female) when intimate?

  • Do you prefer using natural products when it comes to intimacy?

If you answered yes to the above questions, hemp oil products might just be the ideal answer for you.


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