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CBD Capsules vs CBD Oil – Which is Better to Take?

  • Posted by goat grass cbd On April 24, 2020

The CBD market is exploding in popularity, with dozens of different ways to utilize this remarkable natural compound. People who are interested in taking CBD to supplement their daily health regimen are often faced with a barrage of new products that can be confusing to choose from. Most people just want to know the best and most effective way to incorporate CBD into their lives. This is one of the main reasons we continue to get asked, “which is better to take – CBD capsules or CBD Oil?”

CBD can be consumed in the form of tinctures or extracts, eaten in the form of gummies and other edibles, vaped, applied topically, and even dissolved in a favorite beverage—and that is just a shortlist of ways to incorporate cannabidiol into your lifestyle. However, the two most popular ways to take this cannabinoid are to use CBD oil or CBD capsules.

Both options have their pros and cons. This article will explain the difference between CBD oil and CBD capsules, giving you some information that may help you to make the best choice for your situation.

What is CBD?

For our readers who are unfamiliar with CBD, here is a brief overview of what CBD is. CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound sourced from the cannabis Sativa plant. While CBD can be found in many subspecies of cannabis, federally legal CBD is sourced from the industrial hemp plant, an agricultural commodity that was legalized in December of 2018.

CBD is one of over 100 beneficial compounds present in cannabis, and it is well-known for its therapeutic uses for mental and physical well-being. This remarkable hemp-sourced compound is non-psychoactive, which adds to its appeal. Unlike its sister cannabinoid THC, it won’t cause a user to become impaired or high.

CBD oil is made by extracting the compound from the plant and processing it in such a way that is bioavailable and can be taken internally.


Most newcomers to CBD will likely be familiar with CBD oil. As the most popular option among consumers, this is the product that has gained the most notoriety in the media. The reason for its enduring popularity is that it works—and it works well.

There are many CBD oils on the market, each with its own unique qualities. Taste, consistency, potency, and purity can vary depending upon different factors. These include the extraction methods used as well as where the hemp has been grown.

Once the oil is extracted, it is typically suspended in an MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil like coconut oil, grapeseed oil or hempseed oil that serves as a carrier to aid in digestion and absorption.

The best way to take CBD is sublingual. Place the recommended amount under your tongue and hold it for 30 seconds to two minutes. This allows it to enter the bloodstream through the thin mucosal membranes of your mouth. Alternatively, you can simply swallow it outright. However, it will take a little longer to work this way as it needs to pass through the digestive system.

While there are many formulations and flavors of CBD oil, a vast majority of full-spectrum products have an earthy-hemp taste that takes a bit of getting used to. Some people prefer to keep their favorite beverage handy to chase it down, while others grow to enjoy the natural flavor of this cannabinoid.

CBD Capsules

These CBD capsules contain a premeasured amount of CBD that is typically contained within a gel or dry cap. CBD gel caps are manufactured the same way as CBD oil but with the additional step of infusing them into pill form. They contain all the same beneficial ingredients as CBD oil in an easy-to-swallow gel cap that can be taken with water.

Capsules made with CBD are a convenient and discreet way to take CBD, as well as being highly portable. This form of dosing needs to pass through the digestive tract so it takes longer for the full effect, but in many cases, it will make no difference.

Key Differences Between CBD Oil and CBD Capsules

The biggest difference between CBD capsules and CBD oil is the method of consumption. CBD capsules can be swallowed regularly like any other pill. This makes CBD capsules possibly the easiest way to consume CBD. CBD oil can be placed under the tongue and held for 60-90 seconds and swallowed, or add it to your food or drink. Read on as we go into more detail.


CBD oil typically comes in a dropper bottle that needs to be measured. If you are always on the go, keeping a bottle of CBD oil in your purse, backpack, or workout bag may not be convenient. Remember, as oil, if you don’t buy from a high-quality brand, sometimes the bottles can leak and become a bit messy.

With capsules, you can carry the bottle with you anytime and they are already pre-measured. This ensures you won’t have to take the bottle out, make sure the dose is accurate, and wait the minute or two to absorb it. Capsules also are easier for travel, work, and situations where pulling a dropper bottle out may be awkward or uncomfortable.


As previously discussed, CBD oil can be an acquired taste. Sourced directly from a plant, it has a distinct earthy and pungent flavor that is off-putting for some people. This may be especially true for people who are highly sensitive to textures and aromas that are unfamiliar. While many companies have attempted to create more palatable flavors, it would be misleading to say that CBD oil tastes great. However, those who prefer a faster-acting product are often willing to overlook this fact in favor of quicker relief.

By contrast, CBD capsules are relatively tasteless and easy to take with one’s favorite beverage. The taste issue is one that is often a deciding factor when it comes to which option will work for your own situation.


Taken sublingually, CBD oil is a much faster route to relief than capsules, trumped only by vaping, which is the quickest method of bioavailability. Because it is partially absorbed through the mucosal membranes, it starts to work within several minutes and may be preferable for those who are looking for speedy CBD benefits.

For people who simply want to reap the preventative benefits of CBD, however, capsules are a perfectly reasonable option. While they will take longer to absorb and be utilized within the endocannabinoid system, their effects will still be cumulative over time. They can also be easily combined into common multivitamin formulas.

Both CBD Capsules and CBD oil are highly effective in treating a wide range of conditions as well as an ideal solution for maintaining overall health and wellness.

The product and method you choose will depend on your own situation and circumstances. Many people find that they need to try both options independently to see what is most effective for them. Others utilize a combination of both the oils and the capsules to reap the benefits of CBD.

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