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CBD Gummies Servings: How Many Should You Eat?

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The increasing popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) supplements has raised a lot of questions around what CBD does for the body. There are many different types of CBD products, each with its own serving sizes and benefits. CBD Gummies are ideal for first-time users and those who need a quick, convenient solution for measuring and ingesting their CBD. Continue reading to learn more information about CBD Gummies, including serving suggestions and how they can help you on your wellness journey.

What are CBD Gummies? CBD Gummies are edible chews that contain a set amount of cannabidiol extract in each gummy. They’re a convenient way to ingest CBD, have a long shelf life, and are legal in all 50 U.S. states. Some manufacturers offer CBD Gummies with additional supplements and vitamins to provide various benefits, such as CBD and melatonin gummies for sleep aid, while others offer gummies with CBD extract only. You can find CBD Gummies in a variety of flavors, blends, and potencies to best suit your needs.

How Many CBD Gummies Should You Eat? The amount of CBD Gummies you take will depend on your body weight, desired outcome, and sensitivity to CBD, as well as the potency of the gummy. (Most gummies have an average CBD content of 15-30 mg per chew.) Everyone’s body responds differently to CBD, which is why finding your ideal serving size will help you achieve optimal results. Serving suggestions may also vary by product, so a gummy serving may be different than a CBD Oil serving.

We recommend starting off with a smaller serving of one gummy per day to assess your sensitivity to CBD. If you aren’t experiencing the desired effects, you can increase the serving to two gummies per day. If you’re a first-time CBD user, start by taking your gummies at night. Once you’re familiar with their calming effects, feel free to incorporate them into your day at any time for on-the-go relaxation and stress relief.

Some people may experience side effects when they take CBD, however, research has shown that consistent use of CBD is typically well-tolerated by people — even when consuming 1,500 mg per day.

What are the Effects of CBD Gummies? CBD is non-intoxicating and doesn’t produce a feeling of being “high.” This is because CBD is derived from Industrial Hemp — a non-psychoactive variation of the cannabis Sativa plant. Industrial Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC and is federally legal to produce and sell in the United States.

Some gummies contain only CBD extract while others contain a supplement blend to provide other benefits to the consumer. Many people take CBD to relieve anxiety, alleviate physical discomfort, promote relaxation, improve sleep and provide a sense of well-being. Research is still being conducted on the uses of CBD, however many studies have shown various potential benefits.

What To Look For When Choosing CBD Gummies When looking to purchase any CBD products, always ensure they are third-party lab tested and certified. This guarantees the products are free of harmful substances such as pesticides and heavy metals and also informs you of their CBD content. If a company doesn’t do third-party lab testing or make their certificates of analysis readily available, this is an indication that you should ask more questions or take your business elsewhere. At Nature's Script™, we offer Original CBD Gummies, High Potency CBD Gummies, and Sleep Blend CBD Gummies. Our Sleep Blend CBD Gummies contain CBD and melatonin to support a healthy sleep schedule. Nature’s Script CBD Gummies are infused with premium CBD extracted from American-grown Industrial Hemp. We maintain the highest cGMP standards and ensure our products are third-party lab tested and certified to guarantee their quality, contents, and safety. What’s more, our CBD Gummies are produced with our in-house machine at our state-of-the-art facility.

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