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How CBD May Help the LGBT Community Love Every Day. by Wayne Carkeek | 26 March 2020 | brought to you by Out and About

Pic by: Mick De Paola

If there is one harmonious thread that unites the LGBT community in all of its glory, it is our commitment to LOVE—to triumph over the hate and oppression in our age-old story.

Collectively, we in the LGBT community are winning the ongoing fight for equality and queer rights—a battle tempered by illness, grit, and strife throughout these years—but for many of us, that battle is also fought within.

This relentless urge to persevere, as a community and as individuals, can leave us with higher levels of anxiety, insomnia, depression, and even lead to suicide. For all generations across our community, decades-old scars of discrimination remain at the forefront of our psyche. If left isolated, our mental health becomes our highest risk factor.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, upwards of 60% of all members of the LGBT community suffer from anxiety and depression at some point in our lives; a level that is over twice that of our straight counterparts. As these numbers are rising, how are we finding the support to protect ourselves against the odds?

For those who identify LGBT, there may be a fresh, natural wellness approach to anxiety, pain, and insomnia—Cannabidiol or CBD. In 2018, the US Farm Bill declassified hemp-based CBD as a controlled substance and re-classified it as an agricultural commodity, the same category where rice and corn reside. The FDA, which regulates health claims that can be made, has yet to give its full approval, however, according to this 2018 study, 80% of those who have used CBD believe it has a positive effect, and half the people who used it, use CBD almost every day. In fact, of the 2,400 CBD users studied, 42% reported they gave up their prescription drugs completely.

Pic by: Fleur Barbares

The World Health Organization, (WHO), found in their 2018 report, that there is no public health risk in CBD use, or the potential for abuse. Hemp-based CBD, is non-addictive and can legally contain only miniscule amounts of THC, the element that produces the intoxicating effects in marijuana. Many companies (Out & About included) have THC completely removed from our hemp-based CBD products to better fit daily use.

CBD interacts with a person’s Endocannabinoid System, which regulates numerous bodily functions. However, the Endocannabinoid System can be compromised as we get older, or as it is subjected to stressors, injury, and illness. CBD is a natural, plant-based, anti-inflammatory that may positively influence things like sleep, pain, mood and appetite. Note, according to the FDA, additional research is needed to validate these effects.

These functions, when in balance, all contribute to “homeostasis,” which refers to the stability of your internal environment.

Whether you struggle with social anxiety, work hassles, pain, or if you have trouble sleeping; hemp-based CBD products like tinctures, mints, and gummies may help ease your tensions. CBD can be used outside these common ailments too, like after an intense workout where your body and mind are left feeling drained, or even infused in a water-soluble lubricant for potentially heightened sexual fulfillment. You can check out all these products and others made by my own company at We provide all the information to help you better understand hemp CBD and start your journey to wellness.

Natural ingredients are our priority, so we ensure all our products are sourced from US farms employing organic farming practices and are further tested by third-party labs.

Pic by: Next green wave

With the daily life challenges we continue to face, we all deserve a chance at living a more happy and full life. I believe that CBD is one of the most important natural wellness products to come along in many decades, and I want to share its benefits with my community.

Wishing you Love Every Day!

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