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CBD Terpenes: The Ultimate Guide

The terpenes in the cannabis plant are natural components that give the plant its unique color, flavor, and smell. But they are not just found in the cannabis plant. You can also find them in many other types of plants.

These have been used for many centuries, many times without knowing it. All types of natural flavorings for food come from some type of terpene. Many beauty and health products also have these compounds in them. Both the effects and aroma are desirable. Besides giving scent to everything, terpenes are also one of the most common ingredients in essential oils from plants. That is what gives each oil its effects. A terpene oil with CBD in it is known as a CBD terpene oil.

However, a terpene is more than just something that smells nice. When terpenes are combined with the other cannabinoids in the plant, like CBD, the effects of all of the cannabinoids might be enhanced. These impact your endocannabinoid system, and each of the types gives you a different experience.

For example, you might get a sense of relaxation with some of them. On the other hand, some terpenes might make you feel more focused and alert. If you want to add a bit of kick to your CBD dose without being intoxicated, then terpenes are the way to go.

How the Entourage Effect Works

Many studies have shown that when you extract terpenes from the cannabis plant, they can offer many different effects for your body, especially when you use them with CBD. In fact, if you use CBD and terpenes together, you can get a stronger effect than if you were to use CBD by itself. That is because they work together to produce what is known as the entourage effect.

To consider the way that this works, think about the way that humans interact in the world of business. People have different abilities and gifts, so they are good at certain things. You might meet someone who has different abilities than you do. When you form partnerships with them, then you can achieve something that was not possible before.

That is the same way that the entourage effect works. By itself, a terpene may be nice, but not very amazing. But when it is combined with another set of terpenes, it can have long-lasting impacts.

For example, you may consider looking for the terpene called “linalool” to add to your CBD. That may help the oil be even more relaxing. On the other hand, if you want to deepen the sedative effects, you might add some cannabinol (CBN).

For an even more relaxing effect, look for a CBD strain that has a lot of terpineol in it. That is thought to help you stay “couch-locked.” The Indica strain is associated with this effect.

Terpene Profiles

The profile of your terpenes gives it the taste and smell. Different variations can cause the effects that each strain has on you. Once you have studied the terpenes you are interested in, you will be better able to look at the taste and aroma variations that the plant has. It will also help you have a better idea of what you can expect after eating them.

For example, many strains have a citrusy smell. That is usually because it has limonene in it. This terpene may help elevate your mood. It is a good one to use if you are hoping to have a more active day. It can help you feel more energized and want to hang out with people.

Why You Want Terpenes

Terpenes may be antioxidants. That means they might help control damage from byproducts of the metabolism. These byproducts may have negative effects on your well-being. The compounds produced by the activities of your cells may destroy the structures in your DNA. However, the terpenes may attract these compounds and help to neutralize them.

There are more than 113 types of chemical components in the cannabis plant. These are known as cannabinoids, one of which is CBD. Terpenes are included in this, as well.

Many people think of THC when they think of marijuana because it is the cannabinoid that has gotten most of the attention. However, research suggests that the compounds in marijuana might need to work together. That may be why so many strains have major differences between them. This is especially true when you consider that all of the cannabinoids in the plant are terpene compounds. Most of the interaction happens between these compounds working with your body’s receptors.

Looking for Different Flavors Many flavors can offer different experiences for you. You can look for ones from different strains, including fruity ones. For example, some taste like pineapple, giving you a sweet, tropical taste, while others have a strawberry and floral tinge to them. You can even look for Blueberry OG, which offers an earthy, fruity taste. Sour Diesel is one of the more popular strains of cannabis. Contrary to its name, it does not taste like truck fuel. Instead, it offers a sweet, earthy flavor. It is good for someone who wants a richer taste in their cannabis products.

Closing Thoughts The entourage effect is what is responsible for giving the terpenes their effects. The good news is that these will usually have minimal side effects on you. This is because you can already find them in many types of foods. You are most likely already consuming terpenes with every meal you eat. These meals most likely have some of the same types of terpenes as your cannabis does. However, using CBD and terpenes together is something that your body most likely is not used to. You will want to go carefully until you understand the way that you will react to them.

Knowing more about how you can use terpenes with CBD can help you make the best decision for purchasing them. The more that you’re able to learn, the more likely you are to get the desired effects from your CBD use.

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