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JUNE 12, 2020 | TIP | by: Alpinols

More and more questions have been addressed to us about terpenes, that's why we decided to dedicate this article to the topic because it is not just about the smell!

If you think of hemp or cannabis - so the scientific or Latin name - then THC and CBD surely come to mind, right? Right, because these two ingredients are the best known of the plant. But it is also true and often still new that hemp contains many other important ingredients. Besides CBD, which is known to provide inner peace, is used against pain, is an alternative for sleep problems, but can also be used for many other symptoms, there are more than 80 cannabinoids, most of which still need to be researched. From some - like CBG - much is already known about the positive properties. But don't digress now, after all, it is about terpenes. They are not unique to hemp alone, you know them from numerous aromatic oils, from smelling rosemary, lemons and many other plants.


Terpenes are part of our daily lifestyle: in the morning when you add some fresh lemon or lime into your water, the sour kick is given by terpenes. If you use a min oil as a beauty product, the scent is given by terpenes. And more, if you put some lavender oil on your pillow to calm down, the pleasant smell comes from terpenes. Although we are still in an early stage of research when it comes to cannabis and the healthy properties of the various ingredients, terpenes play a big role in relaxation and inflammation. Terpenes give hemp the natural aroma which means that a product that tastes bitter is in most cases healthy; it is, therefore, better to enjoy the bitterness and sharpness of a CBD oil rather than looking for a product that hides this scent. And this is exactly why we love terpenes they make us feel lively, relaxed, or let us take a deep breath. In aroma-oil therapy, they are the most important element and in hemp, too, they are silent heroes with an intense taste.

TOGETHER INSTEAD OF ALONE The higher the terpene profile in a CBD oil, the more benefits you get. Terpenes together with the other ingredients reach receptors in the body and have a higher impact - the so-called, entourage effect. Why some CBD products contain more and fewer terpenes or sometimes, none at all? This has to do with the fact that terpenes are quite sensitive. So when extracting CBDs from the hemp plant, to obtain terpenes, you have to extract them cold beforehand, put them aside and then add them back into the final product. Simply because terpenes break when heated too much. If you don't have this special extraction method during production, the terpenes will break. Of course, this method is also more expensive than, for example, the production of a CBD isolate that consists only of - as the name suggests - CBD and contains no other ingredients. So far ALPINOLS terpene profile has the largest quantity of terpenes that we have discovered so far and it can be seen from the laboratory analyses. Therefore, when it comes to bitter or intensive CBD oils, I say: "congratulations, you have got some really great terpenes in it!". By the way, I often add into my water lemon in the morning and also ALPINOLS AQUA, a water-soluble solution: sour and bitter is fun (and healthy)!


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